Stella Belmonte

Senior Product Designer at NTT DATA


I'm a product designer based in Barcelona. My work goes beyond conventional interaction patterns and visual styles. I'm specialised in web and mobile production, planning the user experience from scratch.

That means conducting research to align design scope and business goals, sketching initial concepts, drawing wireframes, creating prototypes, running user testing, designing the UI and working together with developers to make the design a product.

I like the close collaboration with teams and talented workmates, I believe in the knowledge sharing. Therefore, I love to teach my design expertise to design students at the University.

I empathize

I design interfaces

I create experiences

Stella Belmonte
what i'm good at

My skills

01User empathy & researchGather data about users, their needs, expectations & motivations and design rearding their needs.
02Analytical skillsUnderstand the connection between product and user.
03Interaction designUnderstand how users interact with the product or service.
04Information architectureOrganize information in a comprehensible way
05Wireframe & prototypingMake the design come to life
06Visual designLayout, color, typography, icons, images and design theory.
07Cross-department collaborationBetween developers, team members, and clients
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